Company Overview

company overview

Who we are?

Founded in 2001, Astrani Technology Solutions Inc. (Astrani) is primarily a Software development company that has carved a niche for itself in the field of IT services, training and consulting by consistently set quality benchmark in terms of innovation and cutting edge technology.

Our mission is to help our customers “build better and innovative software, faster”, and to do this we have structured our company with a dedicated team of technology leaders complemented by a top tier of software engineers.

What sets Astrani apart from the rest is works focus on cutting edge technologies and being among the first companies globally to develop and train on Windows mobile applications. Our team of professionals strives for excellence at all times this is where we are today and how we truly differentiate ourselves from the competition.

Vision & Mission

To be a successful Global Service Provider and support our clients with Reliable and Latest technology to help them to grow their business

  • To become a competitive advantage to our clients
  • To establish strategic partnership with our clients in an environment of trust, integrity, and honesty
  • To provide cost effective software solutions to our customers using reliable technology with excellent quality
  • To establish a family environment to our employees with credit to their excellence, respect for the individual, opportunities for learning and sharing
  • To grow and let grow
  • To encourage and support innovation and change
  • Cost and quality advantages
  • Process Flexible
  • Guarantees a successful and seamless project run
  • Technologically competent
  • Single access point



What sets Astrani apart are our people and their penchant for providing innovative and creative solutions to help our clients solve their business and technology problems through the delivery of software development, consulting and training services.

After all, when we win the business, we have merely won the right to demonstrate that we can do what we said we would do. Astrani’s leadership has renowned industry experts and are dedicated to delivering the highest level of quality and value to our customers.

Kishore Babu Gaddam
CEO (& Co-founder)

Kishore Babu Gaddam is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Astrani responsible for driving the vision and strategy. Kishore is a Technology Evangelist turned Technology Entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in software product development and is a firm believer in Astrani’s “Say – Do” attitude

Kishore launched his technology career with a Robotics software development startup and has served in multiple roles including that of being a developer, consultant, innovation leader, technology executive and an entrepreneur. His passion for software and mobile application development resulted in Astrani (, an Intel software partner, technology consultancy and software development firm with a simple goal of helping customers create amazing web, mobile and client experiences, while often powered by cloud services. Prior to Astrani, Kishore has held positions of that of a CTO (Synapse IT Services LLC – a Microsoft BizSpark member) and COO ( and continues to be in an advisory role to these startups.

Vamsi V
CTO (& Co-founder)

Vamsi is Astrani’s technology and business development leader and plays a key role in driving and executing its technology and business strategy prior to Astrani, Vamsi was a technology leader strategizing and executing several technology (ERP, Mobile, Business Intelligence and Web Portal) initiatives in the Agricultural and Manufacturing industries across the America’s, Europe and Asia.

He brings to this team his passion for entrepreneurship, a breadth of technology knowledge, strong communication skills, and an aptitude in bridging the gap between business and technology. Vamsi share’s Astrani’s “Say – Do” attitude and believes in the power of collaboration and that constant innovation holds the key to moving forward in life. Vamsi holds a bachelor's degree in information technology from the University of Madras and a Masters in Computer Science from North Carolina State University.

Prashanth Bandi
COO (& Co-founder)

Prashanth is Astrani’s Director of Operations and is responsible for the daily operation of the company. An affable technocrat and a strong performing leader, Prashanth believes in "Satya, Karma, Punya". Prashanth has wide experience in general management and leadership as well as technology product development - from concept to delivery. He is also the CEO of Synapse consulting services LLC based in San Francisco, California.

Prashanth holds a bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Bangalore University.