Delivery Model

Delivery model

Today’s every business and product companies with the constant expansion of the technology, turning into a increasingly complex activity and is cost-conscious of IT investments. They are more customer-facing and focused on improving customer satisfaction with better support and a wider range of innovative services. Information Technology services which is the upshot of growing competition, lowering margins, globalization and thrust for excellence in the global software product industry.

Finding the right balance between delivering real business value and its associated cost has become more challenging and outsourced product development is an increasing trend due to the transitory nature of markets, customer expectations and technologies.

Since inception Astrani brings product development experience and offers clients distinct value through its end-to-end product development lifecycle solutions. Our Focus is to deliver the best business results to our clients on improving customer satisfaction with better support and a wider range of innovative services.

Astrani approach enables to serve industry leaders as they seek to improve their customers' experience, expand market reach, and improve time to market and lower costs as our software development teams share a common mission - to develop quality software that is to be delivered on time and within budget.

We help our customers in classify and communicative the market requirements that define a product’s feature set. We also help them in developing prototypes and Proofs-of-Concept (PoC) for a feasibility study or for the purpose of estimation.

Astrani provides clients with the in-depth knowledge they need to migrate their products from older technologies to newer and more advanced technologies. With our deep Product Reengineering capabilities we help clients move to new development tools and database platforms, porting to other operating system/hardware platforms and achieve product enhancements.

Astrani helps customers in envision, designing, and realizing the product. We gather the customer’s user, business, technical, functional and process requirements for a product and originate the analogous planning, design and code to build the product.

We have developed product oriented dynamic processes which allow us to react to growing as well as changing needs of customer needs at right time. Adopting distributed Agile development methodologies we add new features and functionality to existing products and provide our client strategic advantages of reduced Time-to-market, lowered Total Cost of Ownership and de-risking in business.