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    100 Must See Places

    The application will introduce you to the all 100 must see places of the world with beautiful pictures, description about each place and that place belongs to which country, continent, things to do and best time to visit.


    The fastest and easiest way to know the details of food item online is by using Appify app. Appify makes restaurant menus mobile friendly. Appify makes restaurant menus mobile friendly, which guides the user detail about food items.

    First Aid Guide

    The application will introduce you to all the Emergency cases with basic steps of First Aid information of each emergency case along with video and related question and answer.

    Blood Donors

    Blood Donors a powerful blood donors list management app helps you to obtain blood donor details at your nearest location.This application includes quick search option using a location or selecting a Blood group type.

    Emergency Help Me

    Emergency - Help Me is the first go-to app in case of an emergency. The App generates a SOS distress signal to attract attention of others, simulates a police siren and lights, displays emergency phone numbers of all countries, displays your current location.

    Flags Countries Capitals

    Learn the flags of the world using this app. If you want to learn the capitals of all the countries then this app is your best choice. Know the official or native language(s) of the countries in the world.


    Emergency Help is a best safety app that can be used in any type of emergency situations to protect women, children and your near & dear ones using a single tap.


    Nearby allows you to quickly find out information about your surroundings like ATMs, Restaurants, Hotels, Banks, Pharmacies, Fuel stations, Supermarkets, Shopping malls, Parking areas, Hospitals and Movies and more.

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